Research Statement

A critical view on a world increasingly shaped by man provides the starting point for most of my work. The output may take the form of artistic object, installation, product (as objects to wear), or simply artefact. More recently I explore issues of identity and different narratives around the body exposed to an increased use of invasive medical technologies. It has been necessary for me to also conduct my research as observer (using all senses) in operation theaters as a way of generating original experiences and data to draw from.
My practice aims to generate a debate on the new direction of social rituals, the relationship between design and science, and the issues that arise when aesthetics meets ethics.
My engagement with the artificial, the constructed world of objects, bodies and identities also implies taking a critical stance to reflect on that essential human activity of ‘making’, of designing the world. Developing the appropriate means for a self-reflective design practice has become a challenge in itself.
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