Under the heading INCREDIBLES Zellweger explores the uncanny but also spectacular side of medical body modification and toys with its psychological implications; the lengthening of limbs, improved performance, impossible body parts, optional aesthetics, variations and choice. INCREDIBLES consists of several bodies of work relating to each other which where shown in three exhibitions in 2010.

- (INCREDIBLES I): Joint exhibition with artist Emma Woffenden; BIGGER THAN THE REAL THING, Marsden Woo Gallery, London

- (INCREDIBLES II): Group show for the benefit of a Breast Cancer Foundation; DES SEINS A DESSEIN, Espace Arlaud, Lausanne, Switzerland

- (INCREDIBLES III): Solo in Off-Space l'Annexe; INCREDIBLES - CHRISTOPH ZELLWEGER, Gallery ViceVersa, Lausanne, Switzerland


BIGGER THAN THE REAL THING: Gallery Marsden Woo, London.
25 March - 01 May 2010:

A two years discussion between artists Emma Woffenden and Christoph Zellweger led to the exhibition ‘Bigger than the Real Thing’ at the contemporary objects gallery Marsden Woo in London. The exhibition focused on issues of identity and the body as a place for timeless neurosis. While Woffendens’ figurative work was placed as autonomous object ‘eating fruit’ in the centre of the space, most objects Zellweger showed ‘From the Incredibles Series’ and ‘Incredibles’ were wall-mounted, referring to the domestic (coat hangers), suggesting usability and function, balancing between artwork and fictional product. A piece with detachable elements, allowing interaction with visitors, addressed the fetishisation of choice as a way to construct identity.

press release: Gallery Marsden Woo, London
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